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Understanding the Symptoms of ADHD in Women

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a condition where a person is inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive. But the symptoms of this disease differ for every individual. ADHD does not happen to children alone. Adults can also have it. Most of the time symptoms are seen at a young age. However, some people do not […]

How Can Nootropics Help With ADHD?

ADHD affects more than 5% of the population. While the condition is quite common among young children, nearly 8 million adults are also suffering from some form of attention deficit disorder. And, of the children showing ADHD symptoms, more than 60% will carry those into adulthood. The only true difference between childhood and adult ADHD […]

Relationship Strains as an Adult with ADHD

While systemic and general stigma adults with ADHD face undeniably constitutes a major concern, on a lesser but still, hurtful scale, are relationship problems they may often face as well. Any number of issues have the potential to complicate romantic relationships, but adults with ADHD tend to disproportionately experience certain strains that can make maintaining […]

Yes, Women Can Have ADHD Too

When it comes to public understanding of any mental or developmental illness, people who struggle with said illness may find themselves surprised (or really, not surprised) by how little others actually know. It can be frustrating, but even more than that; it can be harmful – particularly if the ignorance is being spewed by someone […]